Self employed and pregnant or just had a baby?

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You may be eligible for:

  1. Maternity Allowance:
    – for 39 weeks if you pay class 2 NI for at least 13 of the 66 weeks before your baby’s due, and in the 66 weeks before your baby’s due, you must also have been self employed for at least 26 weeks and earning at least £30 weekly in 13 weeks or more.- for 14 weeks if you are married or in a civil partnership and your spouse or civil partner is self employed.More details on the above and how to claim are HERE.
  2. Sure Start Maternity Grant:
    – for a one-off non-returnable payment of £500 to help towards the cost of having a child. You must claim the grant within 11 weeks of the baby’s due date or within 3 months after the baby’s birth. Eligibility criteria and how to claim are HERE.
  3. Child Tax Credit:
    – for each child you are responsible for. What you get depends on your circumstances. See HERE for the credit calculator and how to apply.
  4. Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare:
    – for when/if you leave your child(ren) with approved childcare providers. Vouchers are only available via payroll so if you are not an employee of your limited company, you won’t be able to access this benefit. Tax free childcare is available to all but it may affect tax credits. See HERE for a good comparison table.

Details correct as at 13 June 2016.

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