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Correcting Pay Errors on the Basic Paye Tool

I will suggest doing the correction prior to sending off your next regular Full Payment Submission (FPS).
The steps are:

  • Select the Employer.
  • Then ‘Manage employees’.
  • Select the employee.
  • On left hand side, click on ‘Employee payments’.
  • You will now see a table with headings: ‘Date of payment’, ‘Pay for tax purposes (£)’, ‘Submission status’, and ‘Actions’.
  • Go to the date required, and under ‘Actions’, select ‘change’.
  • This takes you to the ‘Type of change’ page. Select the first option to correct an amount OR second option to notify HMRC of a mistimed payment.
  • Click to the next screen and enter your changes.

The link to fixing problems with running payroll is HERE.

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