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Recharging Expenses and VAT

Recharging expenses occurs when you ‘recharge’ your expenses to your customer eg travel fare or hotel bills.Note that recharges are not disbursements. If you are VAT-registered, there are VAT consequences to be aware of when processing recharges. Using three expenses: You were charged £100 + £20 VAT (for perhaps hotel accommodation); You were charged £30 … Continue reading

GENERAL VAT RULES – Guide prepared 08 Sept 2017

B2B supply of services (includes businesses, charities, government departments or any other organisation involved in business or a mix of business and non-business activities). For our purposes, place of supply is generally where the customer is based/registered. For EU business customers, proof of trading must always be requested preferably VAT registration. Notice 741a     … Continue reading

VAT Flat Rate Scheme – Completing the return.

The flat rate scheme is designed to simplify the VAT accounting process for small businesses with taxable turnover of £150,000 or less (as at May 2016). An overview can be found here. FILLING OUT THE ONLINE VAT RETURN FORM All the boxes on the return MUST be completed. If a box is not relevant, insert … Continue reading


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